Dance Studio, Humboldt SK

Aerial Arts

Dance Studio, Humboldt SK

Aerial Arts

See how high you can fly!  Experience the thrill of learning acrobatic and aerial skills while improving fitness, strength, and flexibility. Our students learn to achieve their maximum potential while experiencing high quality instruction in a safe, supportive and creative environment.  While circus is a rigorous, muscle building workout, it is also an art form.  Come climb and create your personal story at Humboldt's first circus arts studio. 

This program is designed for adults & children!

Aerial Hoop

The Aerial Hoop is an amazing traditional circus apparatus. It is also a challenging workout that teaches you grace, strength and power as you pose, flip, hang and dance suspended in the in the air. While hoop does use whole body strength, it is primarily focused on upper body strength. If you don't feel you have enough, you will build it and have a lot of fun along the way! 

Aerial Hammock

Being Offered Soon!

Aerial Silks

Being Offered Soon!

Hand Balancing

Ancient acrobatic discipline dating from the most ancient of times that requires the balancing acrobat to

execute various moves and acrobatics while balancing on the hands or head, either on the ground or on virtually any type of apparatus.

Dance Studio, Humboldt SK


30 Weeks

30 Minute Class: $300

45 Minute Class: $315

15 Weeks

30 Minute Class: $175

45 Minute Class: $190

8 Weeks

30 Minute Class: $100

45 Minute Class: $115

6 Weeks

30 Minute Class: $80

45 Minute Class: $95

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Dance Studio, Humboldt SK

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