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Club (Rec)

Our club programs are for students who want to learn to dance and stay active. Our club classes are suited for students who love to move, have fun and socialize but can only commit to an hour or two of training each week. Students do not need previous dance experience to enroll in our club programming and can begin taking classes at any age. The club program will teach students movement fundamentals and basic technique through fun, age-appropriate activities.


A style of expressive dance that combines elements of modern dance, jazz, classical ballet, lyrical, and even hip hop.

Hip Hop

Learn how to dance like your favorite hip hop and R&B music artists in the hottest dance classes at


A combination of dance, acrobatics, and gymnastics that’s great for developing strength and flexibility.


A very expressive movement type of class with a focus on classical technique and core strength. 

Dance Studio, Humboldt SK

Club Levels

Jr Club 

Ages 6-8

Classes: Lyrical, Hip Hop, Acro

Inter Club

Ages 9-12

Classes: Lyrical, Hip Hop, Acro, Contemporary

Dance Studio, Humboldt SK


30 Weeks

30 Minute Class: $300

45 Minute Class: $315

15 Weeks

30 Minute Class: $175

45 Minute Class: $190

8 Weeks

30 Minute Class: $100

45 Minute Class: $115

6 Weeks

30 Minute Class: $80

45 Minute Class: $95

Frequently Asked Questions

Do club students participate in recital?

Yes! Students have the option to participate in recital. There is no additional fee for this other than the costume fee and the ticket price for audience members.

How much is the costume fee?

The costume fee is a fixed rate of $50 per costume for club students.

Do students need previous experience?

Nope! Any dancer can join with zero previous experience!

Are there any competitions for club dancers?

Nope! Club is a non-competitive program.


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Dance Studio, Humboldt SK

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