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Our Vision

We are committed to serving our community and taking a whole-child approach to assisting with education and developing fine arts skills. Our club will offer support to children as they navigate remote learning while also providing stress management solutions and arts enrichment activities in a safe, socially distanced environment in compliance with all current health guidelines and regulations.


We are not a school or daycare and are not licenced as such. We are a fine arts enrichment club with highly experienced performing arts instructors who are capable of assisting students with their virtual classroom. Students must be registered with their school.

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Our Four Pillars

Support for Remote Learning

A-List staff will support remote learning and assist with online technology. (Students bring their own computers or tablets)

Students will attend their virtual classes at their own work stations and complete their daily school work.

Stress Management Techniques




Brain breaks

Wiggle time


Arts Enrichment Activities



Visual Arts



Special Projects

Keeping Our Children Safe

Limited enrollment, students remain with their cohort

Masks are recommended

Students work 6 feet apart at stations

No shared items or food

Frequent hand washing/sanitizing

Gov screening  questionnaire before arriving each day

About Kids Club

Kids Club is a fine arts enrichment club with performing arts instructors who are experienced with working with young children. The A-List instructors will supervise and provide support when needed to students attending school online, plus provide fine arts enrichment to keep club members engaged, social, and happy. Safety is our number one priority.


Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:15pm 

Before and after care available


We will be accepting ten kids per session. We may increase the number if space and interest permits. 

Sessions & Billing

Session 1 

September 1st - October 2nd | 23 Days of Class

Tuition: $40/day = $920/session

Payment Schedule:

First Payment (upon registration) = $250

Second Payment (September 11) = $250

Third Payment (September 18) = $250

Fourth Payment (September 25) = $170

Session 2

October 5th - November 13th| 24 Days of Class

Tuition: $40/day = $960/session

Payment Schedule:

First Payment (upon registration) = $250

Second Payment (October 16) = $250

Third Payment (October 23) = $250

Fourth Payment (October 30) = $210

Session 3 

November 16th - December 18th | 25 Days of Class

Tuition: $40/day = $1000/session

Payment Schedule:

First Payment (upon registration) = $250

Second Payment (November 27) = $250

Third Payment (December 4) = $250

Fourth Payment (December 11) = $250

Extended Care

Before care will run from 7:30 am - 8:30 am at a cost of $50 per week. After care will run from 3:15 pm - 5:15 pm at a cost of $25 per week per 30 minutes. Children will have the opportunity to engage in quiet activities or play with board games and manipulatives.

Absences & Illness
If a child or household family member becomes ill with Covid-19, they will need to provide a negative Covid test upon returning to Kids Club. A credit will be applied to the next billing cycle for any days missed due to illness. 

Families may withdraw at any time but must give 2 weeks written notice. We provide credit for weeks not used that can be used toward other camps or classes. There will be no refunds issued.

No Class

Monday September 7

Monday October 12

Wednesday November 11

Kids Club Sample Day

Frequently asked questions

What is Kids Club?

Kids Club was created to assist parents with online learning and fine arts enrichment activities. We felt the need to create a club that would help working parents and essential workers to engage children during the day with enrichment activities and distanced social interactions. We are not a school or a daycare and are not licensed as such. We are a fine arts enrichment club with performing arts instructors who are extremely experienced with working with young children and capable of assisting with your child's online learning through their individual school's curriculum and instruction.

My child takes classes at A-List already, can they still enroll in kids club?

Yes, of course! It does not matter if your child is a current student at A-List or not. Enrollment is on a first-come-first-serve basis with priority going to children who intend to enroll on a consistent monthly basis. Our goal is to have one set of 10 kids who do not come into contact with other kids like they would at school. It is highly important to us that we keep the same students together for the duration of the school year. A waitlist will be kept should a student leave/not re-enroll for the next session, and we will replace with the next child on the waitlist.

Are lunches and snacks included?

Lunches, snacks, and water must be pre-packed and brought each day. There is no access to microwaves or refrigerators for safety reasons. Food may not be shared or distributed. Please no nut products for those with airborne allergies. Lunch bags will be kept in each child's assigned cubby, and snack and lunch breaks will happen at their stations. A-List staff will put a new pair of safety gloves on if a child needs assistance, but please try to pack lunch in a way that your child can open everything themselves.

What equiptment does my child need to bring to Kids Club?

Students should bring a laptop or chrome book, headphones, charging cable, pad of paper, pencils, and any other school supplies they'll need for their assignments and online education through their school.

What happens if my child is sick or a case of covid happens in Kids Club?

Because we need to be so strict with safety, if your child is sick they will not be permitted inside Kids Club. Days absent will turn into credits that can be used towards Kids Club, Winter/Spring/Summer Camps at A-List, and A-List Class Tuition. Credits are transferrable to family members and friends. If a case of Covid happens within Kids Club, that entire cohort must submit a negative Covid test result before returning to Kids Club.

What are your safety protocals?

We have extensive safety and cleaning procedures and remain in strict compliance with the Government of Canada and Government of Saskatchewan recommendations. Please review the A-List Safety Plan for more information.

Do you have any discounts avalible?

In order for us to maintain the highest level of safety, allow only a limited number of Kids Club members, and sustain high standards of arts enrichment and supervision, we are unable to extend any discounts.

Who is teaching my child?

Your child will still be receiving their instruction and assignments from their classroom or virtual school teacher. Our trained staff will assist your student with their assignments and ensure they finish all of their virtual assignments on time.

My child doesn’t take dance classes at A-List. Can I still enroll them in A-List Kids Club?

Yes, spots are open to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis.

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