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A-List Dance Humboldt


Discover A-List Dance

A-List Dance & Acrobatics is family friendly and welcoming dance school in Humboldt. At our school, we encourage kindness while nurturing our students’ minds, bodies and souls. Established in 2017, we believe that every child has unique abilities and talents. We treat each child as an individual and work with them to build their skills and confidence.

A-List Dance Humboldt

About A-List Dance

Once upon a time there was a young mother of three who had just moved back to her hometown with her husband and kids after living away for 13 years. The oldest child, a boy, was 7 years old the second child, a girl, was 5. The youngest, another girl, was 2.

Once they were all settled and school had begun, the mother noticed an advertisement for City Wide Registration and decided to take the two older kids there to see if they'd like to sign up for any activities. The mom gave the little girl different options of activities she could do and the girl decided she would like to try dance. 

The little girl fell in love with dance right away. She would go to her half hour ballet class once a week and practice her steps at home. The mother had absolutely no idea about anything to do with dance. The whole first year was a big learning experience.

As the little girl got older, she began taking more classes and her dance exams. When her little sister was old enough, she began to dance as well. The mother would take the girls to dance competitions across the province, to convention's all summer, and would support them wherever their dance journeys took them.

At sixteen, the girl began teaching in small towns around the community, growing the clubs and sharing her love of dance. Her students became very successful at competitions and would win numerous awards each season. While in university full time, teaching thirty hours a week, cheerleading, and hanging out with friends, the girl studied for and obtained her teachers in jazz, tap, and acro. She still attended many workshops and competitions throughout the year as well.

The girl convocated from university at the age of twenty-one with a Bachelor of Commerce and a GPA of 4.0. She had a job lined up to be a Town Administrator and was trying to find towns nearby where she could still teach dance, not wanting to say goodbye to that portion of her life. The day after she wrote her last final, the opportunity came up to take over her old dance teachers studio, back in her hometown. The girl was ecstatic and knew this was meant to be since it happened the day she was about to sign the contract for that other job.

With a lot of help from her family, the girl opened her studio two months later under the name A-List Dance & Acrobatics.

Today the studio is, has around one hundred students, and continues to grow exponentially. The girl has her Masters in Dance Education, ADAPT Jazz, Tap, & Ballet, PBT, AA1, AA2, ADTA Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced, CDTA Associate Jazz and Tap, IDTS 1 & 2, PBT and YPAD certifications.

It was magical, the way that one small decision of the mother taking the little girl to pick an activity and starting off with a half hour ballet class once a week, not knowing a single thing about dance, turned into something so amazing that positively affects many other little girls and boys today.

That little five year old girl, wearing her first ever dance medal, had no idea how much it would mean to her and the rest of the Community of Humboldt.

Our Mission

We are passionate about dance education, instilling confidence, and empowering students to achieve their goals. Our A-List Family creates an environment where dancers can develop themselves individually, physically, and artistically.


Our Team

Miss Alyssa Hergott, MA DNCE Ed.

Owner and Director

Alyssa Hergott is a highly educated and experienced dancer, teacher, choreographer, adjudicator, and acro examiner. She trained under the Canadian Dance Teachers Association Ballet, Tap, and Jazz syllabi and competed both nationally and internationally growing up. Alyssa also trained in gymnastics and competitive cheerleading throughout her youth and while in university. 

Alyssa received her Bachelor of Commerce in 2017 and her Masters in Dance Education in 2022. Alyssa is certified in the Canadian Dance Teachers Association Tap & Jazz, ADAPT Tap, Jazz, & Ballet, Acrobatic Arts M1, M2 & Preschool and Acro Dance Teachers Association Junior & Intermediate, with her Advanced in progress. She also holds her Progressing Ballet Technique teacher certification, her Youth Protection Advocates in Dance certification, and her International Dance Teaching Standards Advanced Teacher certification. Alyssa is also a certified professional hand balancing instructor and Aerial Arts instructor. 

Alyssa is a professional and certified dance competition adjudicator through Acrobatic Arts, Acro Dance Teacher Association, and the Professional Adjudicators Alliance.  She adjudicates at multiple competitions each year across the country. 

Throughout her career as a dancer and a choreographer, Alyssa has won numerous awards, scholarships, and choreography awards. She has traveled all over North America to further her dance training and knowledge. 

Alyssa obtained her first Artistic Director position at the age of 16 and she opened her own studio, A-List, at the age of 21. She continually searches for new and exciting opportunities for her students and strives to provide them with the best dance studio experience possible. 

Alyssa's students have won multiple awards and scholarships throughout her twelve years as a dance educator.  Her students won the Canadian National Dance Championships in 2019, bringing the title home to Humboldt for the first time ever. Along with standing out at competitions, Alyssa's students have performed in professional ballets and on Telemiracle.

Alyssa's goal as a dance teacher and as a studio owner is to help kids fall in love with dance. She is a strong advocate for positive reinforcement. She believes that kids learn best and excel the most when they are loved, encouraged, and treated with kindness. Making dance the highlight of her students week is Alyssa's passion.

Along with running the studio, Alyssa plays a very active role in the community through volunteer work. Currently, Alyssa is in her fifth year as a director on the Chamber of Commerce board and is in her third year as the chair for the Chambers' Public Relations committee. Alyssa is also sits on the city appointed Downtown Business Improvement District board and was elected as the chairperson in 2023. 

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