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A-List Dance Humboldt


Dance Classes In Humboldt, Saskatchewan

We offer a variety of dance classes for all ages and abilities, from tiny tots and beginners to adults and professional level students. You’ll find our classes welcoming and encouraging as we aim to teach through positivity and support. Enroll for a FREE trial class to find out if the style you have chosen is suitable for you or your child. 

Ballet & Pointe

Ballet is one of the world’s most beautiful and revered art forms. Adults and children alike will love building on a foundation of basic movements set to beautiful music as they grow their strength and abilities. While it can be challenging at the higher levels, this traditional dance form is a pleasure to learn for all ages. Students who take ballet classes build self-control, body awareness and self discipline as they learn to master increasingly technical moves.

Pointe is offered to students at the directors discretion.

A-List Dance Humboldt
A-List Dance Humboldt


This popular and dynamic style is taught in a positive environment to all age groups. Jazz is enjoyable for any dancer who just wants to get moving! Students have the opportunity to work towards group or individual competitions, or can come along to classes for their own enjoyment. Lessons are taught by experienced and encouraging instructors. Book a free trial today.


Made popular during the 20th Century, this appealing dance style still has its place in the modern world. Learning tap dancing is ideal for those hoping for a career in musical theatre or adults who have always wanted to give it a try. Mastering this style of dance can help with coordination, rhythm, musicality and agility. Classes are designed to suit your ability and are always enjoyable!

A-List Dance Humboldt Tap
A-List Dance Humboldt


Contemporary blends ballet with jazz for a more fluid dance form. Students appreciate this flowing style and its less structured costumes. They leverage the skills learned in early jazz and ballet lessons to build their technique as contemporary dancers.

Hip Hop

Modern and dynamic, hip hop is certainly addictive. This powerful, high-energy dance style relies on a punchy beat and a little bit of attitude! Children and adults will master individual moves before learning to build up to longer routines. The Hip Hop craze remains popular around the world and students will love these dynamic classes.

A-List Dance Humboldt
A-List Dance Humboldt

Musical Theatre

Our musical theatre program delivers a mix of jazz,  contemporary and modern dance skills. Students combine their love of song with dance in these energetic and diverse classes. Available for adults or children, these lessons have a focus on fun! Jump, twirl and glide to some of Broadway’s most memorable tunes. 

Both lip-syncing and live vocal classes are offered.  Lip-syncing classes are labeled 'Musical Theatre' and live vocal classes are labeled 'Song & Dance' on our schedule.


Acrobatics training stems from acro dance techniques to circus and gymnastics training. Your child will learn agility, flexibility and poise in a safe environment, as their acrobatics classes are designed to instill a love of jumping, flying and tumbling from a young age.

A-List Dance Humboldt
A-List Dance Humboldt


Lyrical is a form of creative expression; a story set in motion. This form has a fusion of ballet and jazz which combines one’s own expression along with technical skills. Dancers must have a solid dance technique base for this class.


Our heels classes are for ages 14 and older and are designed to teach dancers how to safely execute their jazz steps in heels. Being able to dance in heels is a valuable skill students will need when dancing socially or professionally on cruise ships, tv, and stage.

Competitive dancers taking heels must also be taking jazz.

A-List Dance Humboldt
Dance Studio, Humboldt SK

Give Your Child the Gift of Dance!

Foster a love of dance in an upbeat, positive environment. As a student, your child will grow their confidence and abilities while making friends for life. Get started with a free trial lesson today!

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