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Tuition & Benefits

2024/2025 A-List Tuition & Fees

Preschool Tuition

Fairytale (Age 2-4)

Tuition & Costume Included in Price

Fairytale $450

Tap Add-On $50

Pre-Junior (Age 5-6)

Tuition/Costume/Festival Entry Fee Included in Price

Pre-Junior Ballet/Tap Combo  $599

Pre-Junior Acro/Jazz Combo $599

Jr Hip Hop (Age 6+) $599


Registration Fee $40

All prices include GST

Payment Plans

1 Payment in Full

September 1

2 Equal Payments

Sept 1 & Jan 1

3 Equal Payments

Sept 1, Jan 1, April 1

9 Equal Payments

1st or 15th of each month Sept-May

18 Equal Payments

1st & 15th of each month Sept-May

Contact our office if other payment arrangements need to be made.

See below for financial aid resources


Ages 7-8

Tuition, One Costume, Two Competitions Included in Price

30 Minute Class $599

45 Minute Class $615

Ages 9+

Tuition, One Costume, Three Competitions Included in Price

30 Minute Class $630

45 Minute Class $646

60 Minute Class $662


Registration Fee $40

All prices include GST

Payment Policies

  • Late or missed payments will be subject to a $25 late fee

  • Registration fees are non-refundable

  • Competition & costume fees are non-refundable after October 31

  • Class fees are refundable 1 month after a written letter of class withdrawal is received 

  • NSF will be charged $25

  • Two missed payments will result in student not being able to come to class until fees are paid in full. 

  • Weather closures and class cancellations are already calculated into tuition. 

  • No refunds for missed or cancelled classes including pandemic and natural disasters.

Exams & Technique

Half Year 30 Minute Class - $182

Half Year 45 Minute Class - $190

Half Year 60 Minute Class - $200

Full Year 60 Minute Class - $394


Exam Entry Fee - $100-$150/exam (Depending on level - billed at a later date)

All prices include GST



Solo - $210

Duet - $130 per dancer

Trio - $130 per dancer

Small Group - $150 per dancer

Competition Entry Fees


All prices include GST

Payment Methods



Cheque (post-dated)



Additional Expenses

Throughout the dance season there will be additional expenses not included in your tuition and fees. Some of the expenses can include, but are not limited to the following:

Travel to and from competitions, hotel stays at competitions, meals at competitions, audience admission fees

Dance shoes, class attire, competition/recital tights

Performance makeup, hair products/accessories

Recital tickets, recital video, recital merch

Class and individual professionally printed/digital pictures

Studio merch, workshops, masterclasses

Features & Benefits

Small Class Sizes

To ensure your child receives individualized instruction, we purposefully limit classes to no more than 20 students.

Family Friendly Environment

Parents are welcome to stay and get some work done at our work stations in the lobby, get a cup of coffee from the Keurig, or get to know some of the other parents. Bring your younger kids – we don’t mind!

Professional Educators

All of our instructors hold university degrees and/or are professional dancers in the industry.

Growth Mindset

We help each child grow and develop as a performer at his/her own pace. Our choreography is created to highlight each student’s strengths while also building their technical skills. We strive to make learning fun, yet challenging.

Watch Every Class

Either over zoom or in-person, we love when you watch your child's classes! Watch your child grow in technique and confidence.

We Build Confidence

A-List works to help each child gain self confidence. There are so many negative messages coming at our kids daily. We believe kids need a safe place to grow, learn, and create. Our kids leave us with the confidence to take on the world!

humboldt dance class

Financial Aid & Budgeting

All kids deserve to dance, regardless of financial situation. 

Check out the following programs and don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

Financial Aid

Creative Kids - Learn More

Canadian Tire Jumpstart -  Learn More

*NEW* Fundraising Group

A parent run fundraising group to help cover costs associated with dance is available for you to join. Contact Jillian Suer for more information. 


As a special bonus, whether you attend our studio or another studio, we have created this customizable dance budget so you can plan out your dance finances! Click here to download your free budget planner!

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