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Dance Studio, Humboldt SK

Circus Arts

Dance Studio, Humboldt SK

Circus Arts

See how high you can fly!  Experience the thrill of learning acrobatic and aerial skills while improving fitness, strength, and flexibility. Our students learn to achieve their maximum potential while experiencing high quality instruction in a safe, supportive and creative environment.  While circus is a rigorous, muscle building workout, it is also an art form.  Come climb and create your personal story at Humboldt's first circus arts studio. 

This program is designed for adults & children!



Hand Balancing

Handstand Canes



and more!

  • How much is tuition?
    Preschool - $300/yr or $33.33/month for nine months Preschool Tap Add-On - $ Circus Arts - $175/session or $43.75/month for four months 30 Minute Class - $333/yr or $37/month for nine months 45 Minute Class - $350/yr or $38.89/month for nine months 1 Hour Class - $366/yr or $40.67/month for nine months
  • How much are costume fees?
    Preschool - $85/costume Pre-Junior - $100/costume Junior-Senior - $120/costume
  • How much are competition fees?
    Groups Pre-Junior (One competition) - $50/dancer/dance Junior (Two competitions) - $85/dancer/dance Pre-Inter/Inter/Senior/ (Three competitions) - $110/dancer/dance Duos/Trios One Competition - $60/dancer/dance Two Competitions - $95/dancer/dance Three Competitions - $120/dancer/dance Solos One Competition - $80/dance/dance Two Competitions - $115/dancer/dance Three Competitions - $140/dancer/dance
  • How much is the registration fee?
  • How do I pay my fees?
    Once you register, Jennifer, our office manager, will contact you to arrange your individualized payment plan. You can pay via cash, cheque, etransfer, visa, or mastercard.
  • What if my child or I am injured and cannot attend class?
    Fees are non-refundable in the case of injury. We welcome injured students to watch class so they can continue to learn.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    We have a no-hassle cancellation policy. Simply complete the cancellation form on our website to request your membership be cancelled for the remainder of the season. One months notice is needed prior to payment stop.
  • When is the recital?
    Our annual recital is the first weekend of May each year!

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Give Your Child the Gift of Dance!

Foster a love of dance in an upbeat, positive environment. As a student, your child will grow their confidence and abilities while making friends for life. Get started with a free trial lesson today!

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