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A-List Dance & Acrobatics is a dance studio in Humboldt that offers professional dance classes for students aged 6 months to adult. With a variety of dance classes and scheduling available, your family can create a dance program that helps bring out the best in your young dancer.

Tuition fees for ADA include tax and can be split into one, two, nine, or eighteen equal payments for your convenience. For more information, please contact

Our Fee Structure

Invest in Your Young Dancer

Yearly Tuition

Our Tuition Structure

Invest in Your Young Dancer

Full Year Classes

Class Length

0.5 hrs/week

0.75 hrs/week

1 hrs/week

1.25 hrs/week

1.5 hrs/week

1.75 hrs/week

2 hrs/week

Yearly Tuition













Monthly Tuition














Tuition is based on a yearly rate, from September through mid-May and is then divided into 9 equal monthly installments.  Some months have three classes while other months have five classes.  One weather cancellation is included. Holidays and closures are already calculated into your tuition. There are no refunds for missed classes. If class enrollment does not exceed three students, the class will be cancelled and students will be reassigned to another class. 

NOTE: Intermediate, and Senior Ballet ALL have two classes a week. These two classes are billed as ONE class, this combined price will show up when you register (it will show approximately a $260 discount).

We accept cash, cheque, credit card, and e-transfers

Sessional Classes

Class Length

0.5 hrs/week

0.75 hrs/week

0.5 hrs/week

0.75 hrs/week

0.5 hrs/week

0.75 hrs/week

0.5 hrs/week

0.75 hrs/week

Session Length

4 weeks 

4 weeks


12 weeks 


12 weeks


15 weeks


15 weeks

24 weeks

24 weeks












Yearly registration fee of $15 per dancer. Registration fee is valid until July 30th of each year. 


Each competitive and/or recital dance requires a costume. There is a $60 costume deposit required for each dance. The remainder will be billed in January. You can take your costumes home once ALL your fees are up-to-date. 


Competition fees include your entry fee, administration fee, and teacher fee. 

  • Groups: $27 per dancer, per dance, per competition. 

  • Duets/Trios: $34 per dancer, per dance, per competition. 

  • Solos: $42 per dancer, per dance, per competition. 


Ballet classes have an additional $15.00 charge for the class uniform. 

  • Class Fees

    • 1/2 Hour Class: $125 

    • 3/4 Hour Class: $145 

    • 1 Hour Class: $155 

  • Music

    • Tap, Ballet, and Jazz exams require exam practice music. This music is to be purchased individually online. 

  • Exam Entry Fees

    • Exam entry fees will be billed in October. Entry fees range from $60-$200 depending on the level of exam. 

  • Exams also require a uniform, which is an addition expense. 


These fees will be billed in October.  Solo/Duet/Trio fees include the choreography fee, administration fee, five hours of private lessons with your choreographer, and music mixing/editing fee. 

•    Solos - $185

•    Duets - $125 per dancer 

•    Trios - $100 per dancer 

The competition fee for solos is $42 per competition and for duets/trios it is $34 per dancer per competition. Competition fees include your entry fee, administration fee, and teacher fee. You are responsible for finding your costume for this.  There may also be an opportunity for dancers to take their solos, duets, and trios to a fourth competition. 

Private Lessons 


Additional Fees
  • Throughout the dance year, there are additional costs outside of what has been outlined above. When going to competitions, there are travel expenses including gas, hotels, and food. There is also a entry fee to watch the competitions, which can be anywhere from $5 to $30 a day.

  • There is cost to purchase recital tickets (Approximately $18 per ticket). 

  • There is an option to purchase professionally done dance pictures. You do not have to buy these, but your dancer has to be in them. 

  • There are also extra costs such as tights, shoes, and class-wear.  



Take Acro & Strength and Flexibility & get $175 off.


Take Acro, Strength & Flexibility, and Tumbling and get $325 off.


Take all five Kinder classes (Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Acro) and receive a $200 discount!


Register for three year-long classes and get $50 off each additional class. This discount only applies to classes not affected by other discounts. This means that acro, strength & flexibility, tumbling, and all kinder classes are not eligible for this discount.


Class assistants get 50% off all solo/duets/trios (not including competition fees or costumes. Also, does not include solos/duets/trios done by choreographers outside of the studios regular weekly teachers).

Discounts will automatically apply to your account when you register for classes. 

Payment Policies

NSF Charge:

There will be a $25 charge for all bouncing cheques. 

Class Withdraw Deadline (For Competitive Students):

Students have until October 15th to withdraw from any class without financial penalty, excluding the first two months of class fees. 

Class Withdraw After Deadline:

There will be no refund for costume, competition, exam, or any other unmentioned fees. Class fees from the start of the month FOLLOWING a written letter of withdraw from classes will be refunded.  

Late/Missed Payments

If your payment is received 7 days after the due date. regardless of absence or illness, a late fee of $15.00 will be added to your account.   An additional $25 late fee will be added to your account after a payment is 14 days overdue.  Students who fall two months behind on payments will not be allowed to take dance class, until the account is paid in full with cash, including late fees.  Families that have been accessed the $25 late fee twice during the dance year will be automatically dropped from all classes. Late fee notices will be emailed on the 8th and mailed on the 16th.

Any account with a balance remaining on May 1st will be subject to a $50 late fee.  No exceptions.  All accounts must be paid in full, including late fees, by May 3rd to participate in Dress Rehearsal and Recital.

Payment Options

One Payment: All fees are paid in one payment on September 1st 2019.

Two Payments: Fees are divided into two payments. One due September 1st 2019 and the Second due January 1st 2020. The registration fee, costume deposits, competition, and exam fees will all be on the first cheque.

Nine Payments: Fees will be divided into nine payments each due on the first or the fifteenth of each month from September to May. The registration fee is due on the first payment. The costume deposit, competition fees and exam fees will be divided between the first four payments. 

Eighteen Payments: Fees will be divided into eighteen payments each due on the first and the fifteenth of each month from September to May. The registration fee is due on the first payment. The costume deposit, competition fees and exam fees will be divided between the first eight payments.

Financial Assistance

An important goal here at A-List Dance & Acrobatics is accessibility for everyone in the community so they can experience the joy of dance. To this end, we have found a couple of programs to assist individuals who wish to take a class. 

Creative Kids

This program offers assistance up to $750. The deadline for this is August 18! You are eligible for this if your household income is $40,000 or less. If your household income is more than $40,000 you can write a letter explaining why you still need this funding. 

Jump Start

This program offers funding for each individual child in every family with financial need, You must be a low income family to receive this funding. The deadline for this is November 1. This program covers up to $300 per child. You can apply for this online at


This program offers funding that can cover ALL costs associated with your fees including your class fees, competition fees, costume fees, and other things such a travel expenses for competitions and more!! Each household can receive funding for each child in dance (Ages 5-18). You need to apply for this program ASAP if you want to receive funding. Along with the application form, you also need to submit 1. Current years tax return/notice of assessment from each adult residing at the household listed on the application, 2. Four of your latest consecutive pay stubs from your current employer, 3. An endorsement letter from someone in a professional position to assess and vouch for the families need for assistance. For more information see their website 

The Chance 2 Dance

This program can offer funding up to ALL costs. The deadline is September 1 so APPLY NOW!!

The Magic of Dance Awaits You!

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